Monday, January 6, 2014

"Fairy Dreams" CT Tutorial-Forum tag

"Fairy Dreams"
animated tutorial

Ct tut for Scraps n Company
Tube by Pandora's creations -HERE
Kit by Bibi"s Collection-HERE

This tutorial was written by me and any similarities to any other is just a 
a coincidence.
This tut assumes you have a moderate working knowledge of PSP
and know how to use animation shop if animating
This tut was written in psp9
This tut has instructions for animated and non-animated tags
What you will need :
Tube of choice
kit of choice 
template by Spawns- HERE
Lets get started!
Open the template-Duplicate –close out original.
Delete Credits layer
Element 8
Element 41-64% Place behind foreground 1 layer
Go to foreground 2 layer-selections –selections all
copy and paste element 5 into selection.
Copy and paste tube as new layer-re-size 25%
Place to the right.

Go to foreground 1 layer-Selections-select all-
copy and paste element 3 into selection.
Element 114-resize 46%-duplicate then mirror
Place these two layers behind the tube layer.
Element 48-resize 45%
Element 3 –Place behind raster5 –blend mode –luminance-legacy
On Raster 5 use soften brush on edges

go to  layer above raster5 –copy and paste element 5 –blend mode –exclusion.
Add © and License info.
Now let’s add a frame new layer-rename frame
selections-selections all-copy element 2 and paste into selection
do not deselect –selections-modify-contract 5-delete-now deselect.
If animating stop here and see below
If not animating add drop shadow to frame
add name and save as Jpeg.

To animate duplicate the frames –rays and name layers two more times
for a total of 3 layers each
Apply noise settings-35-45-55%
Random and monochrome ticked-Take to animation shop.  

As always would love to see your results please mail to
with Laura in the subject line
I may even post your results on my blog

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