Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reckless-PTU Tutorial

This is a CT tut for Scraps and Company
using the beautiful tube by Aguila Dorado tube can be found HERE
Kit by Designs by Joan can be found HERE

This tutorial was written by me and any similarities to any other is just a
coincidence.This tut was written in PSP 9 but should work in all versions.
 This tut assumes you have a moderate working knowledge of PSP
What you will need
 tube of choice
kit of choice
Filters used Tramages-Mo'Jellyfish

Always activate the top layer again after moving element
unless specifically stated.
Lets get started!

open an 800 x 800 canvas flood fill with white. Rename bk.
See tag for placement of elements.
Open an 800 x 800 canvas-Flood fill with white-rename this layer bk
Copy and paste Element 64
Copy and Paste  Element 47
Copy and Paste Paper 2 as new layer behind frame.
Activate frame layer-Magic wand inside of frame –expand by 5,
activate paper layer –selections invert-delete.
Still on paper layer apply Tramages-Mo Jellyfish-default settings.
Copy and paste element 13 above  -Blend Mode-Screen
erase what hangs out on both sides of frame.
Copy and paste 1/12 tube-Carefully erase what hags over
the bottom of frame.
The rest of the elements and % of resize
35-85%-erase parts inside of frame
add dropshadow of choice where you like
Close bk layer-merge visible
Reopen bk layer-copy and paste Element 77 as new layer-duplicate this layer-merge down
duplicate this layer-mirror-move to liking-merge down again
close bk then merge visible
Add ©and License info.
Add Name I used gasoline alley
and background-#c20077
added a 3 point gradient glow with a light pink.

as always would love to see your creations
Please mail to
with Laura in the subject line

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