Saturday, December 28, 2013

“Kiss me at Midnight”-Tutorial

“Kiss me at Midnight"

CT Tutorial for Scraps N Company
Tube ©Pandora Creations-HERE
Kit by Bibi's Collection-HERE

This tutorial was written by me any 
resemblance to any other is purely
This was written in psp9 but any version should work.
For the name i could not find a font i liked
so i pulled out my bamboo tablet and wrote it out!

Let"s get started

Open a 800 x 800 canvas
Flood fill with white.
Copy and paste Element 69-resize 65%
Rename layer –Frame
Copy and paste Paper2 behind frame
On frame layer use magic wand inside of frame-expand by 5
Go back to paper layer and hit delete.

Copy and paste tube –resize 44%-duplicate-place duplicate
behind the frame layer ,add dropshadow to top tube-erase
parts of the tube that hang over the frame on the bottom.
Copy and paste Full tube –resize 44%-duplicate and mirror
place on left and right side of frame ,add dropshadow.

Add these elements –Resize% included-see tag for placement.
64-30%-duplicate and mirror
57-55 %
25-no resize-Image flip-place above frame layer
21-85%-Duplicate-place on both sides of tag.
24-35% Duplicate and mirror
Close off raster1-Merge Visible the rest.
resize 650 x 650-all layers
sharpen merged layer
image –canvas size 800 x x800
Move merged layer up a bit
Copy and paste Element 74-resize 48%.
add Element 76 -no resize 
Close off background -merge visible the rest
Add © and license info.
Add name 
Close background and save as png.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Would love to see what you come up with
please send tags to
in the subject line.

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