Friday, May 1, 2015


  PTU CT Tut for S&CO
PTU-Tube -"ANETTE"©Souldesigner-HERE
PTU-Kit-"Anette"-Ginnibug Designz-HERE
All available at Scraps and Company!


  This tutorial was written by me and any similarities to any other is just a
coincidence. This tut was written in PSP 9 but should work in all versions.
 This tut assumes you have a moderate working knowledge of PSP.
What you will need
 Tube of choice.
Kit of choice.
Font of choice
No outside filters used

    Let’s get started!
Open a 700 x 700 canvas.Flood fill with white-rename bk
 Copy and paste elements as follows, I have put the % of resize and any
special instructions.
Element75-No Resize-rename frame
63-50-duplicate -move copy of 63-50
under the frame layer-activate the top layer
erase to let the leaves show thru.
Close off bk layer -merge visible the rest
New raster copy and paste ap5 into selection-deselect.
new raster-flood fill with #daba74-Blend mode-Luminance(Legacy)
Merge down.This will be you mask layer-Apply mask
Merge group.
New raster -draw out a circle to go behind the frame-
Flood fill with white-deselect-move above bk layer.
Add dropshadows where you like.
Close bk layer-Merge visible the rest
Delete bk layer
Merge visible.
 Resize- sharpen  Add ©- lic # and name
Save as PNG.
Would love to see your variations of this tut
Please mail tags to
please let me know which tut you did and put Laura
in the subject line and I will place your tag on my blog.
Tube and Kit Preview

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