Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Queen tutorial

***Scraps n Company CT-Tutorial****
"Snow Queen"
Tube ©The Hunter-Can be found HERE
Kit used "SnowQueen" by Bibi's collection-HERE
Holiday snags available  HERE

This tutorial was written by me  and any
resemblance to any other is coincidence.
This tutorial assumes you have a good knowledge
of PSP and Animation shop This tut was written in psp 9
but should work with any version.

What you will need 
tube of choice
kit of choice
animation of choice-if animating
Eye Candy 5 -Gradient Glow -Ghost Text
Animation Shop
font-i used kingthings christmas2-HERE

Lets get started!
Open a 800 x x800 canvas
open and copy paper 5
go to canvas-selections-select all
and paste paper into selection-selections none.
See tag for placement of all elements
Add el 41
el 62-35%-mirror
el 36-35% mirror-place under raster1
el 40-35% 
-mirror-place under raster1-duplicate-mirror-place to left.
el 50-lower opacity to 40%-Place above background layer.
Minimize and save this canvas.

Open new 800 x 800 canvas.
open and copy paper7.
go back to open canvas selections -selections all
paste papaer7 into selection-selections none.
 open up minimized canvas -copy
paste as new layer to second canvas
resize 65%

Activate eraser tool with these settings

soften edges 
El 50-65% lower opacity to 40%
El 71-60%
Add tube-place to liking
duplicate tube-on bottom layer of tube-
apply Eye Candy5 impact-Gradient glow-ghost text-default setting
El 67-35%-erase top2 branches-duplicate -mirror-merge down
move below raster 5.
raster 6 -duplicate-flip-place on top of inner pic.
Activate eraser use same settings as before but change size to 6
erase all the sticks out past branches.
El 1 -25%-place behind raster 6
El 67-30 %-image rotate -free rotate-left-90%-place behind raster 5.
if not animating
size all layers to liking -add copy right and lic info
and name
merge flatten.

If animating
just resize to liking-close off rasters 1 and 2-merge visible the other layers
sharpen the merged layer
add © info and lic info

reopen rasters 1 &2 -close off merged
copy merged rasterb1 and 2 -take to animation shop
apply animation of choice
take note of # of frames 
go back to PSP 
close off raster 1 & 2 open merged -take to AS
match frame count add to original animation and apply
make name animate or not
Thats it 
hope you enjoyed this tut
as always would love to see your results
Please put Laura in the subject line.

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