Thursday, March 6, 2014

****Kate in The City****

 ****Kate in The City**** PTU Tut
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Tube "Kate" by Tunchy Art  HERE
Kit "TAXI" by Bibi's Collection HERE
Both available at Scraps and Company
Animation by scrappybitoffun-HERE

This tutorial was written by me and any similarities to any other is just a
coincidence. This tut was written in PSP 9 but should work in all versions.
 This tut assumes you have a moderate working knowledge of PSP.

What you will need
 tube of choice
kit of choice
Animation of choice if animating
Animation shop if animating
font of choice.
Let’s get started!
Open an 600 x250 canvas
Copy and paste paper 11 as new layer-move to have the grey area in the middle
at the bottom of canvas-crop to canvas.
Copy and paste the following elements
resizes and special instructions included.
9-no resize-duplicate and mirror
merge down lower opacity to 60%
56-no resize
Merge visible
Add © and license info
if not animating add name and save as Jpeg
If animating
open animation shop and simone animations
misc vol-camera flash mmg
Note there are 6 frames
go back to psp and copy merged
take this to animation shop paste as new animation
increase frames to 6
edit select all
go to simone ani-edit –select all copy
back to tag and paste into selection-place on camera
At this point you can animate your name in psp or using the
effects-insert image effect –noise in As just make 6 frames
save as gif
Would love to see your variations of this tut
Please mail tags to
please let me know which tut you did and put Laura
in the subject line and I will place your tag on my blog.

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