Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LilithMorana-BWC CT-Olivia


This tutorial was written by me any similarities
are coincidence.

This tut was written in PSP 9.
This tut assumes you have a basic
knowledge base in PSP.
I am using the beautiful work of
Lilith Morana and Black Widow Creationz

What you will need
Olivia PTU tube HERE
Olivia PTU Scrap kit HERE
YEZ mask 70-HERE
Font used Gothic Ultra
Let’s get started
Open a 800 x 800 canvas
flood fill with white
Open el12 copy and paste-resize 65%
selections-select all-float defloat
Copy PP9-resize 75%
Paste as new layer-selections invert-delete-selections none
Blend mode-screen.

Close off raster1-merge visible-rename Frame

Copy and paste tube-resize 61%
Frame layer-activate magic wand-selections-modify-expand 5
Open PP9-copy and paste as new layer
place to liking-selections Invert-delete
Activate Change to target brush-#d1d4d8-brush over background.

EL22-resize 61-image duplicate-mirror
EL28-copy and paste-image duplicate-mirror-merge down
resize 75%-Place above background layer
EL29-40%-duplicate and mirror-Place behind Raster3 and copy of R3
erase what hangs out.

Activate top layer
EL15-resize 40%-duplicate-mirror
Place these behind tube
add dropshadow where you like

Close off Raster1-Merge visible
Crop to look nice
Raster1-New layer –selections –selections all-copy and paste
PP1 into selection
Apply mask-yez mask 70
Add © and license info
and name .
Close off back ground –save as png
Hope you enjoyed this tut would love to see your creations
Please mail  to
please put Laura in subject line.

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