Friday, October 25, 2013

SteamPunk Jane-SATC CT

SteamPunk Jane
This tut was written in PSP 9.

This tut assumes you have a basic

knowledge base in PSP.

I am using the beautiful work of

Pandora's Creations and Black Widow Creations

both from Scraps and the City

What you will need

Tube©Pandora's Creations HERE

 Kit from Black Widow Creations HERE

Font Time To Get A Watch HERE

DSB Flux-Blast

 Drop shadow i used 2-2-50-5-Black

Abbreviations used

DS=Drop Shadow

CP=Copy and paste


You Ready?

Let's get started

Open tube in psp and open  kit

Open a 800x 800 canvas
flood fill with white.
CP El 32

CP EL 18-resize 61%
Activate selection tool -circle
draw out a circle to 1st ring
(selections-edit selection if needed)
use deform to cover inner circle
selections-invert-delete-selections none.
Merge Down-rename Frame.
you shuld have something like this 

CP tube behind frame layer-mirror
image resize 64%
see tag for placement

Go to frame layer-magic wand-click inside frame
Tube layer-selections -invert-delete-selections none.

Frame layer-magic wand- expand 4 again
Copy PP2-paste as new layer above raster1
paste into selection-selections none.
Apply DSB Flux-Blast-Left 20 %

Copy PP7-activate frame layer-magic wand inside
New raster layer(Place above raster 1)
Paste PP7 into selection-selections-none.

Raster2 apply xero-moonlight-28-add DS.

Frame layer-CP tube-resize-58%-add DS
see tag for placement .

Time to add some elements below are the element #
and percentage of resize.
Duplicate EL6 layer-resize50%
Duplicate EL26 layer-mirror-
see tag for placement -merge down
EL30-25%-erase to make hang

Close off Raster1-Merge Visible

Resize all layers 650 x 650
or what ever size you want!
Adjust sharpen

Add your © info and license number
add name font used Time to get a Watch
(link above) size 36-stroke1
Save as PNG

Hope you enjoyed this tut
would love to see what you did with it
send tags to me Here
please put Laura_Steampunk Jane in subject line

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