Monday, June 9, 2014

****Red White and Blue ****

  ****Red White and Blue ****

Ct tut for S&CO
Tube "FLAG DRESS" ©Andy Cooper –HERE
Kit – "Americana" By Disturbed Scraps –HERE
All available at Scraps and Company!

This tutorial was written by me and any similarities to any other is just a
coincidence. This tut was written in PSP 9 but should work in all versions.
 This tut assumes you have a moderate working knowledge of PSP.
What you will need
 tube of choice
kit of choice
animation- 4th of July Animation-SimoneAni476-MNG-HERE
Filter- Xenofex 1.0-Stain
Font of choice-I used “Bodie MF Flag”-HERE

Let’s get started!
Open a 800 x 800 canvas-Flood fill with white-rename bk
Copy and paste elements as follows I have put the % of resize and any
special instructions. See tag for placement.
Copy and paste element 42-no resize
45-35-duplicate and mirror
Copy and paste ½ tube-resize 50%
63-no resize-erase slightly past tube
27-35-Duplicate and mirror
At this point close bk layer merge visible the rest-crop to liking.
You should have 2 layers now
Activate the bk layer-new raster layer-Selections all-selections-float –defloat
copy and paste Paper 14 into selections-selections none.
On this paper layer apply Xenofex 1.0 with below settings two times

blend mode-Hard light
Merge visible
Resize to liking-sharpen merged layer.
Add © and License info
If not animating add name and save as Jpeg.
I used Bodie MF Flag-Size 26-stroke1

If animating copy and
take tag without your name to Animation Shop
Open SimoneAni476-MNG
Duplicate the tag animation to 15 frames-apply animation
on the left and right side.
Go back to PSP type out name copy and take to animation shop
apply Image effect as below-

delete frame 16-Apply to
tag-Save as GIF
Would love to see your variations of this tut
Please mail tags to
please let me know which tut you did and put Laura
in the subject line and I will place your tag on my blog.

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