Friday, November 29, 2013

"Fantasy" PTU Tutorial

Scraps N Company CT

I am using the wonderful art of Danny Lee
and a gorgeous kit by Bibi"s collection
Tube can be found Here
Kit can be found Here

additional items
Mask-MB&SW mask 23-HERE
This tutorial was written by me any similarity
to anything else is coincidental.

Lets get started !

Open a 1000 x 1000 canvas-Flood fill with white
sounds big but sizes nice when done.
open tube copy and paste as new layer-resize 55%
56-duplicate-mirror-merge down
place in front of Fence,Duplicate
resize 75% move down a bit

25-55%-place on front of fence
dropshadow elements you like
and tube
i used 2-2-50-3-Black
crop close to edges.
Close off white background-merge-visible
New layer above background-Selections-
select all-Paste Paper7 into selection.
Apply mask-merge group on mask layer.
Add Drop shadow to tag layer.
Merge down
Add copyright and license info 

For name i use evernight -Paper 27 in background box of materials pallet-50%
convert to raster,selections selections all-selections -modify -expand 1
new layer below text-flood fill with #2b475e
would love to see what you come up with
Please mail to
with Laura in subject line
Hope you enjoyed this tut

Sunday, November 24, 2013


PTU Scrap Kit by Nina's Grahix
"Christmas Day"
CT Tags

Kit preview
PTU kit can be purchased at these stores

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LilithMorana-BWC CT-Olivia


This tutorial was written by me any similarities
are coincidence.

This tut was written in PSP 9.
This tut assumes you have a basic
knowledge base in PSP.
I am using the beautiful work of
Lilith Morana and Black Widow Creationz

What you will need
Olivia PTU tube HERE
Olivia PTU Scrap kit HERE
YEZ mask 70-HERE
Font used Gothic Ultra
Let’s get started
Open a 800 x 800 canvas
flood fill with white
Open el12 copy and paste-resize 65%
selections-select all-float defloat
Copy PP9-resize 75%
Paste as new layer-selections invert-delete-selections none
Blend mode-screen.

Close off raster1-merge visible-rename Frame

Copy and paste tube-resize 61%
Frame layer-activate magic wand-selections-modify-expand 5
Open PP9-copy and paste as new layer
place to liking-selections Invert-delete
Activate Change to target brush-#d1d4d8-brush over background.

EL22-resize 61-image duplicate-mirror
EL28-copy and paste-image duplicate-mirror-merge down
resize 75%-Place above background layer
EL29-40%-duplicate and mirror-Place behind Raster3 and copy of R3
erase what hangs out.

Activate top layer
EL15-resize 40%-duplicate-mirror
Place these behind tube
add dropshadow where you like

Close off Raster1-Merge visible
Crop to look nice
Raster1-New layer –selections –selections all-copy and paste
PP1 into selection
Apply mask-yez mask 70
Add © and license info
and name .
Close off back ground –save as png
Hope you enjoyed this tut would love to see your creations
Please mail  to
please put Laura in subject line.